Tuesday, July 31, 2012

South Dakota Trip

A few pics from our trip to South Dakota, to celebrate my brother's 40th...

My immediate family, at Ryan's party.  :)

My sister Nicole and her son Nathan at the zoo.

It doesn't get any better than a 9 month old's bod jammed into a pink tu-tu swimsuit!

D was sooo excited to bring his rolling suitcase into the hotel the first night.

We spent the first night camping. D is "helping" Grandpa with the campfire.

Contemplating. (A 4-year old has a lot to think about, you know.)

6 a.m. walk to the park in our PJ's. We had to get out of the camper asap to let the rest of the fam sleep.

 Grandma with 3 of her youngest grandkids.

 My fabulous nieces and nephews.

 A little Grandpa time.

 Flying high at the zoo, with Daddy.

Sporting her new Janie and Jack headband.

With Great Grandpa and Grandma - how special is that?!