Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Simple Pleasures

One thing I love about kids is how little it takes to keep them entertained at times. These days, a ride on Dylan's "new" (ahem, Craig's List) Toy Story bike with training wheels is what keeps him happiest. And Elle is a big fan of the wagon, so we take many-a-stroll around our neighborhood.

 Elle loves her wagon rides!

Off they go!

Zoo Week

Papa and Nana took Dylan to the Brookfield Zoo for his first time ever!

Then mamma went the cheap route, and took the kids to Cosley Zoo in Wheaton.  :) (Perfect for the preschool age, for all you local mammas!)

I feel like there's probably some good caption for this picture.


A few pictures from Touch-A-Truck event in July....


The Crawling Ceremony

Elle started crawling in June while we were in South Dakota. (My mom got to see her do it for the very first time!) So when we returned to D. Grove and saw Marc's parents that first week, we immediately took them downstairs to have Elle "perform." :)

She headed right for the tunnel tent.