Friday, July 31, 2009


I had luggage out, getting ready for our trip to Seattle, and Dylan decided to pack himself.

New Red Truck

Blog update: a few people have asked me if Marc has a pink truck, and I realized I left everyone hanging! We are happy to report that it is not pink, but fire engine red. On the Sunday after he got it, around 6 at night, he said "Can we go for a family drive in the new truck?" We moved Dylan's carseat, and piled into the new vehicle. Marc told me while we drove around that his dad always took the family for a drive whenever they got a new vehicle. So that's what we did. I thought it was cute.

We drove Marc's truck down to the Grant Park movie last week.

Marc is standing on the "sea of pavers" that got installed at Buckingham Fountain over the winter.

Those of you that know me, know that I LOVE Grant Park movies in the summertime. I was one happy camper Tuesday night.

Girls And Their Boys

A couple of shots from time with my girlfriends Jen and Amy, and their boys Connor and Bennett. It seems like sooooo many people in my life have recently had, or are pregnant with, boys!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rainy Ravinia

We went to Ravinia this weekend, and unfortunately got rained on a bit. Marc and Ross didn't seem to mind. :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Things A Toddler Does

Farewell, Truck

Marc got a "good news, bad news" phone call today. Good news: he gets a new work vehicle! (His died on him last week, stranding him in the suburbs for a day and forcing him to take the train into the city.) Bad news: Town & Country supposedly got a good deal on a new pink/fuschia colored Ford truck. A pink truck? Isn't that an oxymoron? We think they're trying to pull a practical joke on him, but we'll see.....Above, he's cleaning out his truck, getting ready for the new one.

Elton John/Billy Joel Concert

Marc accompanied his mom to the Elton John/Billy Joel concert at Wrigley Field on Tuesday night. Marc said it was in the "top ten" for concerts he's been to. They had a blast.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


A couple of shots from our "water events" this past week....

Our church had an all-Mom's group beach day at Foster Ave. beach (right next door!) Above is Dylan getting ready to go, visibly excited about the day.

My good friend Jen and her cute little guy, Connor, hanging with Dylan. This was one of the few moments poor Dylan wasn't in tears. The combination of a short night's sleep, sunscreen in his eyes, and sand in his mouth did not fare well for him.

This brought much more happiness - a $6 kiddie pool from Babies R Us.

The British Open

Last weekend, D must have known it was The British Open because he found his daddy's golf club and decided it was a pretty cool toy.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sport Days

Marc, Dylan and I went to South Dakota last week for my town's all-school reunion and 100th annual Sports Days - a weekend festival of sorts with carnival rides, parade, fireworks, sport competitions, dances, and more. The Ortman side also turned it into a family reunion, so I got to reconnect with soooooo many people. Such a special week!!



Family and friends watching the parade from our driveway.

Moments after Dad pushed my close friend Jamie into the stream of water being sprayed from a float.

I'm with my youngest nephew Tage, who always has a Kool-Aid stain on his mouth. :)



Dylan's first ever carnival ride was the carousel. He loved it.

Dylan's second carnival ride was the elephant cars. He hated it.

My niece Olivia pushing Dylan to the rides.

Marc, sporting his "Canistota" shirt, and Dylan on Main Street.

My cousin Todd and Marc (in back) working the Lions Club foodstand.


The kids compete in a series of races...for money. (Isn't that funny?)

My mom, grandma, brother, nephews and Dylan spectating.



My family, getting ready for the fireworks show.

Fireworks before the fireworks: nephew Tage and niece Olivia doing some sparklers before the show began.



The All-School Reunion and Banquet - singing our school song. :)

My classmates Travis and Troy.

Some pics from my family reunion....

Grandpa and Grandma with all 8 grandchildren and all 11 great-grandchildren.

My (pregnant!!) sister Nicole, brother Ryan and me.

Dylan loved exercising his new walking skills.

My niece Kalli and Dylan.

Cousins Lindsay and Holli (sisters) with their beautiful baby girls.

Sisters - me, Nicole, and our cousins Tonya and Tammy.

Olivia and Dylan were pals throughout the trip.

My brother, sister and kids played a quick round of softball before leaving the reunion.

A girlfriends reunion....

So many of my best girlfriends were home from all over the US. We had brunch together Saturday morning. Here I am with Sarah, Jamie, Emily, Shiloh and Stef. So great to be with "old" friends.



Our travel buddy Dylan. He traveled so well!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Best $3 We Ever Spent

This was our garage sale purchase last weekend. Dylan LOVES it. I have to say, I feel like such a "parent" pushing him around in this thing. You realize that you do so many things you never thought you would, just to see your child smile.

Fourth of July

Ever since moving to Chicago, I said I wanted to meet someone with a boat. Well, we have! :) Our friends Dave and Amy recently joined our small group, and extended a generous invititation to our group to watch the 3rd of July fireworks from their family's boat. Such a treat!

Me - happy as a clam, by DuSable Harbor. Dylan - 5 minutes away from throwing a tantrum that did...not...end, and sent him and his daddy home 1/2 hr. after they arrived.

Exiting the redline. It was Dylan's first train ride!

On the 5th, we celebrated with the Caifano family. This is cousin Meg with her little girl Morgan - all decked out for the holiday. :)

Dylan had fun playing with the bird bath.


Last weekend, Dylan started walking!! Here is one of him in action, with his great aunt Pam. (We'll post some better pics soon!)