Saturday, April 13, 2013

Which One Is It?

This photo from last month just cracks me up. And I'm not sure exactly why. Is it Dylan, who just fell? (I admit, I do have a "fall" sense of humor.) Or baby Elle, just hanging, staring at him? Or the fact that they are both big poofballs in their snow pants? Or the fact that this "scene" just seems to be happening on its own - Elle, hanging there, helpless, staring, and Dylan, on the ground, wiping out, staring back...and seemingly nobody to help. Or maybe the fact that this playground scene should really be happening in the summer, not when there's 6 inches of snow on the ground. Or, I dunno, maybe the gigantic red ball to the left adds something? I don't know, but something about this photo just cracks me up. 

Getting Back In The Game

Well, good golly -where do I begin? I noticed my last post was from August 2012. It's no wonder I haven't posted anything since.  In September of 2012 I started working part-time. One would think 11 hours/week wouldn't affect home life too much, but, honestly, it does. It has been a balancing act, and very much a learning curve as I discern how to cram in all the things I normally would have taken care of at home with those 11 hours. In the process, a few things have been lost, such as getting ready for the day without simultaneously bathing the kids, meal planning, staying in close touch with people (sorry, um, like, everyone)....and blogging.

But I do miss it. I think of articles I'd love to write, pictures I'd love to post - on a daily basis. Finally, I decided - I'm just going to get back in the game. But without feeling the need to update ya'll on the last 8 months that I failed to "post." I will just resume my blog, as if nothing was ever missed. Ok? Ok.