Thursday, September 23, 2010

Papa & Nana's Visit

Papa and Nana came to the city for a visit in early September, and we celebrated Papa's birthday with a walk in Lincoln Square, and brunch.

Getting ready for the "party." Yes, there is a little boy somewhere inside those balloons.

Swinging with Papa.

Playing "chase" with Nana at the plaza.

Papa is a craaaaazy driver.

Books before naptime.

Thursday Morning Visitor

Dylan rushes to the window to see the garbage truck go through the alley. Hello, city livin'.

Some Form of A Dog

The other night, Dylan and I were at the park, and he wanted to go in the swing. Next to us was a dad swinging his daughter, doing what is shown in the picture below.....

5 seconds later, I heard Dylan's request: "Hot dog! Hot dog!"

To understand the humor in this, you must know that what is being demonstrated in the picture above is called an underdog. It's when the person pushing the swing goes underneath, all the way through to the other side. Not that anybody wouldn't know that (ahem, Marc).

Anyway, Dylan got confused that night at the park, and instead found himself requesting this:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shopping Cart Drama

For the second time, I let Dylan have his own shopping cart at Trader Joe's. 10 minutes into the trip, as I was staring at the turkey trying to figure out the difference between "roasted" and "smoked," I heard a big crash. Dylan had tipped over the (very full, at this point) cart. He came running over and hid in my legs. Thankfully, the folks at TJ's are very kind and helpful and helped fill the cart back up. 5 minutes after that, Dylan decided he'd had enough of this whole shopping cart gig, and he simply abandoned the (even fuller, at this point) cart and just started booking it down the frozen foods aisle. I suddenly found myself carrying my shopping basket, steering his little cart, with my purse hoisted over my shoulder, chasing after my 2 yr. old. That was a fun moment.

Dylan bounced back, though, and proudly rolled his cart into the checkout area, proudly displaying his grocery selections.


The message at church last Sunday was on Mephibosheth. (Cool, amazing story to revisit!!) For the first time, Dylan came home from the children's ministry at Park with his very own art project. It was a picture of Mephibosheth with graham crackers glued onto the table in the picture. He was so proud to show me! We walked around after church, and he was proudly gripping his project. Suddenly I noticed him chewing something, and realized he had pried off the graham crackers and started eating them. Surely some form of glue was ingested. This is what's left of his project now. :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Olivia's First Day of School

My niece Olivia, who lives out near Seattle, started kindergarten last week! Congratulations, OE!

It's Baaaack

And I am a happy camper.

First - and Last - Ravinia of the Summer

We went to the Labor Day concert on Monday. I heart Ravinia!!


The Whole Foods on Kingsbury is extra special because there are two levels of "ex-calotors." Dylan is in heaven when we go there.


As the summer progressed, Dylan got more and more comfortable - and fearless - at the splash pad. We'd arrive, and he'd just belly flop into the water to get himself initially wet, then would just go for it from there. In picture above, this is Dylan jumping in the air by himself and about to land on the splash pad below. Serious hangtime.

More Splash Pad Action

And a fun time was had by all.

My Little Boy

I just think this picture is the epitome of "little boy."

"If I Could Just Open My Mouth A Little Wider"

Dylan's newest thing is drinking from the water fountain.

Fun At The Dentist's

No, that is not an oxymoron. Dylan likes my dentist's office because there are fishies, and he gets to ride in an elevator. (Katie B - I'm sure a visit to your office is fun ANYTIME, with or without fish and an elevator.)

30 Something

August has more birthdays than any other month of the year. Did you know that? Well, I do, because mine, and 50 other people I know - is celebrated this month. :) My one request was to see a movie at River East downtown. So that is what we did, followed by dinner. It was a delightful afternoon and evening.

Marc surprised me in the morning by decorating the apartment! It was so sweet of him. The streamers were everywhere!

Dylan, giving me his present - "The Mommy Hook" for my stroller.

"Just Makin' Sure Everything Looks All Right In Here"

Dylan likes to get in Daddy's truck and check up on things, sometimes.

Birthday x2!

Happy Birthday to Koen and Shylah!

Koen and Shylah turned 3 in early August. 

Dylan, eating his lunch. It's so funny what does - and doesn't- phase a 2-yr. old. He didn't care that nobody was sitting with him at the table. All he knew was that he had his cookie, so he was all set. :)

Playing Pin-The-Cookie-On-The-Cookie-Monster.