Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Road to the Stanley Cup

Marc had a blast watching the Blackhawks battle their way to win the Stanley Cup. Probably the best day of his early summer was a round of golf with good buddies, followed by a Hawks game.


 His buddy BeanBag Bear got some hangtime.

 Just chillin' and reading Nemo at the doctor's office.

Elle, my "accessories" girl.

Mother's Day Visit

A second visit to D's classroom in May - for Mother's Day. Being with my little tinker on that day was one of the highlights of spring for me.

Dedicating Elliana

We had the great privilege of dedicating Elliana at Blanchard Alliance Church on Mother's Day - committing to raise her in a household that will proclaim Christ and follow His ways. 

 Sitting in the service with Papa and Nana...and puppy.

Our pastor Ron (and my boss!) :) dedicated the children, and our small group leaders Brian and Christy stood up with us.

Dad's Visit

Reading Dylan books before bedtime. (Dylan was his sleeping buddy on the trundle below.)

 Climbing trees on the Naperville River walk.

 Park time with Elle.

Dinner out at Brio.


At least there are a couple people in the world who like it when it rains. 

Open House

May at Henry Puffer School means lots of visits to Dylan's preschool, for various events. The school hosts an open house for all the parents to come and visit their kids' classrooms and see their projects and artwork from the year. It's always a special treat for Marc and I to see the classroom, because our typical conversation with Dylan throughout the schoolyear goes like this: "Dylan, what did you do in preschool today?" Dylan - "It's a long story." And that's about all we get. Until May, when we see it all with our own two eyes.

Dylan's classroom, and it's many, many, many, many, many "stations." His favorite? Magnatiles and the rice table.