Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Make A Wish

Throwing coins in fountains at Yorktown Mall (pavers supplied by Daddy!). Hmm - what could they be wishing for? Dylan - a visit to DuPage Children's Museum, that cool Lego toy from Target, time with Grandma or Nana, a new garage door on our house (yes, really). Elle - stickers, meeting Elmo in the flesh, a puppy.

Hello, Sunshine

Hello, Sunshine - that's really what Elle's shirt says. :)

Christmas in April

Elle finally got her Christmas present. :) Shipped last November, we saved it for outdoor use, and put it together on one of our first warm weather days. She loves it. Favorite activity? Climbing through the back window.

Start Playing Your Violins (And Then Put Them Away)

Are you near your Kleenex box? Every year, Dylan's preschool goes to Tivoli Bowl -  the very cool,  oldschool bowling alley in downtown Downers Grove. Dylan had the best time last year bowling with his class, talked about it all year, and then waited with much anticipation for the promised next outing. The day finally arrived......and he woke up with pink eye. After the official diagnosis from the doc, the conversation with Dylan that followed went down pretty much like you'd probably predict. Not...well. It broke our hearts to keep him home on the very day he'd been anticipating for such a long time. So, of course, we assured him that we ourselves would take him there as soon as he got better. And that we did.

If you look closely, you'll actually see a family there (mine) standing under the sign. (I am totally getting recruited for my photography skills.)

Dylan, in all his glorious preschool form. Side note - bowling was one thing that Marc and I had never done together. Until now!


This picture absolutely represents the spring we've experienced. The proof is evident that it's spring: our daffodils figured out, somehow, that it was indeed time to make their annual appearance. And yet it remained winter coat weather for the better part of April!

In Like A Lion....

Spring came in like a lion, all right. Chicagoland was pounded with rains last month, causing major flooding in areas, including Downers Grove. This picture is of the Belmont underpass, just blocks south of us. (1 block from Dylan's school!) Nobody was harmed, but of course the cars were gonners. Our house (basement) did get hit, as did many others. :(