Sunday, February 28, 2010


We put Dylan in winter boots for the first time last week. Lookin' good, huh?

First time walking in his new boots.


Dylan and I enjoyed some visitors last week:
Neighbor Dan was watching his nephew Logan for the weekend, so they came over for a visit. Dylan is showing Logan the view from our condo.

Baby Luke, my friend Kristin's son.

Adoring his mama.

Isn't he such a cutie?!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No, The Birthday Posts Will Never End

Marc's traditional birthday dinner is ribs, and where better of a place to go than Twin Anchors?

Marc's cousin Donn and wife Meg's daughter Morgan turned 1!

Donn & Meg's son Gavyn (Marc's godson) is a hockey player, and wanted to show Marc (a former hockey player) how he plays.

Dylan handled his first hockey stick.

He officially started getting coached by his daddy for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

They have a wonderful set-up downstairs for Gavyn to practice his hockey!

Playing video games with cousin Noah.

Class Picture(s)

Enrollment in a couple of classes has helped get us through this winter. Here are some shots from D's music and Gymboree classes.

I call this photo: "Dancing With The Scarves."

Dylan (in red and gray fleece) is intently hoarding a drum from this sweet little boy.

And this was my reaction.

Gymboree. He stayed in this position for about 30 seconds longer than the kid behind him wanted him to.

Stare down.

D LOVES parachute time.

Knocking on the door for puppet Gymbo to come out.

Let The Potty Training Begin!

Just Doing A Little Wrapping...

Above was the scene I stumbled upon, when I realized Dylan had been quiet for more than a minute.



Thursday, February 18, 2010

The "Other" Birthday Boy!

Just when you thought you were done with birthday posts.....

Wednesday was Marc's birthday! More balloons, more "happy birthday" songs, and most importantly - more cupcakes.

Dylan is showing his daddy the card he got him for his birthday.

Making Daddy's day a good one.

Additions To The Bedtime Routine

Lately, it's been a bit harder to get Dylan into his room to get PJ's on and start the bedtime routine. So we say, "everybody's going to walk backwards into Dylan's bedroom" and he likes that idea. So now the 3 of us walk backwards into his room to begin the going-to-bed process.

D also seems to think that his truck needs to be pushed into his room before getting ready for bed.

Dylan's 2nd Birthday - Post #981

Just when you thought you were done with blog posts about D's 2nd birthday, there' more. (2 reasons for this: 1) my brain tries to organize things into separate categories, and apparently my brain thought D's birthday had a lot of "categories." 2) I do these posts sporatically - whenever I find 10 minutes here or there.)

Anyhoo - here are pics from our family celebration:

A birthday kiss from Nana.


Daddy and Dylan.

"The Fam."

Reading his personalized book from Papa and Nana, about all the family members who "love him so much."

Number of minutes it took D to get tangled up in his balloons: 1.
Number of minutes it took for an adult to realize this: 5.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Take 2

We ended up having a quiet birthday celebration this weekend with Dylan's Papa and Nana. Papa played "Happy Birthday To You" on the keyboard, and let's just say the first round didn't go so well. Here is Take 1 (you can tell even Dylan knows something is off) followed by a much more successful Take 2:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Golf Lessons

Here are the scenes from Marc trying to teach Dylan how to golf with his new clubs:

Marc - wondering where Dylan ran off to, in the middle of his golf lessons.

Dylan - thinking that the tee is no place for a golf ball. Under the couch is a much more interesting place.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Dylan calls flowers "flows" (with a short "o.") And apparently he is constantly thinking about them, because we hear "flow" all day long. He was in his glory when Marc brought me home flowers for Valentine's Day. :) And I was too.

Dylan is reading the Valentine's Day card he got from his Papa and Nana.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hot Stuff

My mom got Dylan this striped one-piece outfit. I crack up when he's in it. It really shows off his bod - especially that svelt tummy.

Happy Birthday, Connor!

Dylan's buddy Connor celebrated his birthday last week too. He turned the big "1." Here he is with his dad Cortt and his mom, my good friend Jen, who finds it impossible to take a bad picture.

First Bike - Sort Of

We put together a birthday - er, Christmas (yes) - toy this week.

D still doesn't quite get the whole "pedal" thing yet, but he's getting close. It's his own personal stationery bike. Who says our condo doesn't have room for exercise equipment?

"I Have A Better Idea"

Do you remember Dylan's pink and purple stroller? I brought it out from "toy rotation" and put Brown Bear in it for a ride. Dylan took him out, then put him back like this. Poor Brown Bear went for quite the ride.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You'll Always Be My Baby

As we mark Dylan's 2nd birthday, my heart is filled with gratitude to God - for His protection over and sustaining of D's little life, and for the unspeakable joy and laughter he brings us daily, hourly.

For some reason, my heart just needed to express what it was experiencing as we headed into Dylan's birthday weekend. Here is a poem that I wrote:

My little boy turns two today
Time does pass quickly, as they say……

How keen the memories of those early month swaddles
The countless diaper changes, and the well-timed bottles

Soon the “firsts” began – we remember that first grin
And the first time he had solids – cereal covered his whole chin

First trips, first stroller rides, first time sitting up
First cold, first tooth, first haircut, and his first sippy cup

“Crawl? Nah – I’ll take a pass, scooting is more fun.
My style’s kind of special – seems to interest everyone.”

He scooted and he scooted, but when would those first steps come?
The doctor and the books said “walking just comes late for some.”

Finally, at 17 months, one step turned into two
His expression was so priceless, saying “look what I can do!”

From there he just took off; the park became his stomping grounds
I stood by as “D” tried everything – the most daring kid around!

We watched as his independent side began to grow and grow
His “fireball” personality began to really show

He’s now our little man – he expresses what he wants
He tests us and amuses us with his little stunts

Last month he started counting, knows his colors and his shapes
I’m proud, and at the very same time, my heart cries out, “No, wait!”

You’re supposed to be my “baby”, and now you’re turning two?!
I cannot seem to rewind time, oh what’s a mom to do?

Now my own mom’s words make much more sense, for she would often say:
“You’ll always be my baby.” And that’s helping me today.

Dylan, you may keep growing up & up, but my hope is that just maybe
You’ll somehow understand that you will always be my baby.

Birthday Blues

Somebody really could write a blues song about the tale I'm about to tell. The night before Dylan's birthday party, he came down sick with the flu. :( He/we were up all night, as the poor guy just couldn't keep anything down. We went through 5 wardrobe and bedding changes before his stomach settled down a bit. It broke our hearts to see how sick and weak he was on what was supposed to be "party day." Of course we had to cancel everything.

Here are shots from the exitement the night before, and the downhill spiral....

He was so excited to see his birthday balloons!

It was going to be a birthday/Super Bowl party.

"The Day After." We thought opening up a toy might encourage him.

He got his first set of golf clubs.

We ended up watching a bit of the game while folding all the laundry from the events of the last 24 hours. Not exactly what we had planned on, but that's parenthood. :) We are just thankful that he rebounded quickly and is back to his normal self. We were reminded not to take for granted his overall good health, and that we have much to praise God for.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dylan!!!

Our sweet baby turned two today.

-February 6, 2008 - Dylan made his entrance into this world.
-We blinked, and he turned one.
-We blinked again, and now he's two.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Dylan says "this" when he sees an object he wants. When we were at Target today, he saw the big ball bin (do you remember those?! I used to LOVE getting a ball from there.) He wanted the purple ball specifically, and then walked and played with it for 20 minutes, so guess who is the proud owner of a $3 big plastic ball from Target now?