Friday, March 11, 2011

My Gym

We tried out My Gym this past month. D had a blast!

Little Beans Cafe

A fabulous new play area opened on Webster called Little Beans Cafe. There's a seating area for the parents, if they'd like to indulge in a coffee drink or snack. And then a village, of sorts, for the kids, complete with an auto repair shop, grocery store and ride-on choo-choo train.

 Driving the firetruck.

Coming down the slide in the house that's "on fire."

Glow Stick

I get these glow sticks at the Dollar Tree sometimes, and they are a special treat for Dylan at nighttime. Whenever we give him one, we walk in to check on him later in the evening, to see him fast asleep, with glowstick still in hand.

This PB & J Is Good; Will You Marry Me?

Dylan was eyeing his little friend Campbell while having dinner together. I think he has a little crush. 

Gymbo The Clown

This is video from our very last day at Gymboree. Dylan loved dancing with Gymbo the Clown at the end of class each week. Dylan is in the blue shirt.

"Will It Float?"

Did any of you ever watch the David Letterman Show when they had the series "Will It Float?" Well, Dylan and I had a version of that going one day. It kept him entertained for quite...a...while. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to Marc!

February is always our busy birthday month, as we celebrate Marc's birthday a week after Dylan's! He and I celebrated with a dinner downtown. So fun to have a date night together, and toasting to my amazing husband.

More Birthday Memories

Dylan's actual birthday was Super Bowl Sunday, so he got a second celebration with the Noti Family when we went there to watch the big game.

 Opening his new doctor kit.

D's train track received a much-needed expansion!

One of his favorite gifts was the Twilight Turtle. For all you parents out there - BUY ONE. It helps motivate Dylan towards bedtime each night, knowing he'll get to see the stars and moon all around his room once he gets to bed. :)

Dylan Turns Three!!

Our little tinker turned three last month! We celebrated with a party at the newly renovated McDonalds Playland on Ashland.

 Checking out the singing "Happy Birthday" bear from Nana.

 The birthday boy, loving his birthday party.

Scaling the bridge in the playland.

One of his new best friends - Mia.

We were surprised when he allowed us to put a birthday hat on him, but he kept it on during the entire dinner!

Family shot.

D seems to be really enjoying his guests. :)

Playing with cousin Connor.

Action shot - he loved jumping off the big red shoe.

And then at the end of the night, he helped clean up by carrying out his balloons!

Dylan LOVED having Happy Birthday sung to him, and requested for everyone to sing it again, when the song was all over. So we did!