Monday, July 19, 2010

Barnes & Noble Choo Choo Table

The Barnes and Noble on Webster and Clybourn has a train table in the kids section. Dylan spends half his time in the store at the table, and the other half riding the escalators.

Caifano BBQ

The Caifanos got together for a BBQ to see Marc's cousin Christie (black and white dress), who was in from out of town.

Gavyn is always so sweet to Dylan.

He also has a fascination with picking him up.

D's not sure what to think about that.

Summer Festivals

'Tis the season for summer festivals! We went to the Old Town School of Folk Music's Folk and Roots Festival last weekend.

D wasn't too interested in what the festival offered. Basically, we paid $10 admission each to let him play in the sand of the baseball field. :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mr. Sandman

Before going to the pool last week, we played a bit in the sandlot nearby. Until now, Dylan hasn't been so sure of sand. I guess that's changed.

Just Doing A Little Reading

My Momtime Bible Study is doing "Entrusted With A Child's Heart" and Dylan discovered it on the couch one day....

"Let's see. What's this? Entrusted With a Child's Heart...."

 "Looks interesting. I'll see what it has to say."

 "Wow. I never thought of it that way. Very insightful."

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thanks, KP!

One of the parks that we visit is very close to where our friend Kevin Phillips used to live. Kevin used to be the Small Groups Director at our church, and it was at his house - through an event he hosted - that Marc and I met. We recently learned that he made a financial contribution to the park, and has his name in one of the bricks. Though it's waaay over Dylan's head right now, it's double thanks to KP that A) he exists, and B) he has this wonderful park to play in. So, on behalf of Dylan, THANKS, KP!

A New Instrument

A woman was playing the accordian at Giddings Plaza last week, and she let Dylan play it a little bit. (Side note - did you know I like accordian music? It is a fact about me that I think only one person in the world probably knows.) (That person is my husband.)


There have been hose sprinklers in our courtyard lately, and Dylan has been having a ball running through them. By the end, he's absolutely drenched. :)