Saturday, January 24, 2009

Keeping Mom On Her Toes

It's to the point now, that I can't turn around for long before something is: unrolled, turned on, turned off, opened, pushed, closed, flipped, tasted, or touched.

Monday, January 19, 2009

An Interesting Friend

We started using Dylan's "bear" humidifier the other day, and he got SO excited about it! He started "talking" to it and trying to hug it. :)

Temporary Steelers Fan

My brother (the Steelers fan) and his wife got to go to the playoffs yesterday and see the Steelers' victory live! In honor of him, Dylan was sporting his Steelers gear and cheering the team on last night.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

"So Big"

Dylan's recent accomplishments include doing "so big" and saying "da-da."

First Haircut

Dylan got his first haircut on Friday! It was a fantastic place (Snippets), but unfortunately Dylan didn't appreciate the fun environment too much. He has enjoyed better times.....

The end result.....

Dylan's Girlfriend

Dylan has a few girlfriends. His most recent one is Annie, our friends Andy and Anne's 2 mo. old.

Just Can't Get Close Enough

Dylan's favorite stuffed animal was RIGHT by his side one night.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Winter Classic

Marc had the amazing opportunity to attend
the Winter Classic on New Years Day, a historic NHL
game played outdoors at Wrigley Field.

He went with his buddy Tom, who scores tickets for everything. Tom and Marc played high school hockey together.

The view from their seats.

Unfortunately, the Blackhawks lost to the Redwings, but Marc said the experience was amazing and "surreal." Marc commented that we just can't seem to get the local team to win at Wrigley Field!

Dylan is a Hawks fan too.

Mom and Dad's 40th

Mom and Dad celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary while we were home!

The "kids" made a video slideshow for them, and we showed it to them over appetizers.

The whole (adult) family.

My brother Ryan and his wife surprised ALL of us and rented a limo for our ride into Sioux Falls!

We ate dinner out at one of Mom and Dad's favorites - Minerva's.

Ortman Christmas

We traveled to South Dakota during
Christmas week to celebrate with my whole family.


My nieces and nephews caught Santa "in the act" stuffing their stockings downstairs on Christmas Eve!



Dylan is with uncle Ryan (my brother) and his kids.

All my nieces and nephews.

The gift opening "scene."

Shooting hoops with Uncle Marc.

Christmas PJ's.


Dylan spectated.

Marc rode.



My brother Ryan is the hugest Steelers fan there ever was and attempts to brainwash the whole family to agree with him. :) Dylan is sporting his outfit from Uncle Ryan.

My niece Olivia is wearing her cheerleading outfit from - who else?- Uncle Ryan. Tage is Ryan and Bridget's youngest.



Craig (my sister Nicole's husband), Nicole, Marc and I with cousin Troy and his girlfriend Rachael.

D is helping Grandpa shovel.

Hanging out with Grandma.

Laughing with Aunt Nicole.

Playing trucks with Uncle Craig.

Getting to know his cousins better.

Dancing to Beyonce.

Baby's First Christmas

Marc, Dylan and I had our own family
Christmas celebration the weekend before Christmas.

Dylan helped me wrap presents the week prior.

Checking out the first toy he received.

Marc is proudly displaying the Jerry Garcia shirt I got for "Dylan."

Playing with his new toy.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Caifano Christmas

We celebrated with Marc's family before leaving for South Dakota.

Daddy's helping Dylan learn about his new toy.

Biker dude: Dylan got a Kawasaki from Uncle Marty!!

One of Dylan's "strengths" is doing pop-up toys, we learned.

Learning about the Christmas dinner from Nana.

Winding down with Papa before bedtime.