Saturday, June 27, 2009

Deck Scenes

We keep Dylan's rubber Tonka truck on the deck, and for some reason, whenever he plays with it, he lays on the ground sideways. (Needless to say, he is getting more baths these days.)

Our deck is partially shared with a neighbor, who has a statue of a cat. Dylan thinks it's real, and often heads over to the corner to talk to it.


If you can see past the dirty window, you'll see the scene - a bunch of neighbors in the parking lot getting ready to head to Sommerfest in Andersonville. They noticed Dylan watching them from our deck, so Dylan engaged them with a little baby talk.

Family Picture

Whenever we "try," we can never seem to get a decent family picture. It seems to be the spontaneous ones that work the best.

Here was "take one."

Good Friends

My friend Shiloh and her husband Mike came through Chicago and stopped for a visit a couple weekends ago. Shiloh and I went to high school together and performed in many-a-music event together. Always great to get a Canistota connection!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day


Dylan loves his "da-da-da-da", and I am so thankful for Marc's heart of service, love and humility towards/for our family. A few picture from our day in Orland Park with Papa and Nana.....

Storm Damage

Chicago had some major storms last Friday, and our neighborhood really got hit. This is a picture right outside our condo. The white vehicle buried under the tree is our neighbor Dan's truck. He had been renting a spot in our condo parking lot, but then started parking on the street just 3 days prior to the storm. :(

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I realized that I didn't post something major, in regard to our "Days With Dylan." We put our place on the market a month ago! Anybody know someone looking for a "2 BR/1 BA newly renovated vintage condo in Edgewater Beach where you can walk to grocery, lattes, Redline, and Andersonville"? :) Our eventual plan is to buy a home in the southwest or western suburbs.

Our place has only had 3 showings in a month, so Dylan decided to make this buying-a-house thing happen on his own by getting one himself. His "house" has a big blue door, an extra large lightswitch, flowers with petals you can spin, a puppy that barks, and windows with shutters you can open and close - Probably what a house really would be like, if babies could design them themselves.

Mom's Group

Here's a picture of my Mom's Group, where Dylan and I go on Wednesday mornings.

Another Play Room

With the warmer weather, the deck has become another play area for Dylan. He LOVES being outside, and often gets some outside play time first thing in the morning.

Sox fan?

Dylan often goes into a room and shuts the door. We say that he just needs some privacy. This has happened twice now, where he goes into his bedroom, and after a few moments of silence Marc or I have gone in to check on him. Below is the scene we've stumbled upon - Dylan sitting in the corner, looking at a book.....and both times it was his White Sox book. Could his daddy have influenced him already?

Monday, June 8, 2009


We went to a couple of events this weekend. One was for my dear friend Sharon's birthday/going-away party, and the other was for my cousin Tammy's son Carter's 2nd birthday.

The girls with sweet Sharon - in the middle.


Carter with his Grandpa. (My Uncle Dave, who married Marc & me.) :)

The boys each enjoyed a beverage as they watched gift opening.

Dylan was getting a kick out of a little wind-up toy. A measly 50 cents bought 10 minutes of laughter!

I got a kick out of the guests wearing their party hats.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cousin Troy's Wedding

I flew to South Dakota with Dylan last week for my cousin Troy's wedding. Troy Boy, as I call him, is more like a brother than a cousin, so this wedding was a special one. I got to see soooo many friends, family and classmates at the wedding too.

Troy and his beautiful wife Rachael.


We of course got to spend time with my immediate family over the weekend too. It was a fabulous trip.....


All 4 of my nephews play on the same baseball team, and they showed up after their game on Wednesday night.

Dylan immediately got "broken in."

Dylan and my brother - "Coach Ryan."



Dylan got lots of attention - and treats - from his grandma.

Ice cream face. (Lookin' good, eh? He has no idea his pants don't match, they're hiked up to his neck, and he has food on his face.)



Playing with Grandpa.

Trace, Kalli and Tyce making Dylan giggle.

D and I with Mom and Ryan.



Dylan could not get enough of the outdoors while we were there!

Grandma spent many-a-morning walking with Dylan everywhere.

D would often scoot out onto the edge of the deck and just look out at the yard.