Sunday, October 31, 2010

"We Were The Champions"

For the Blackhawks first game of the season at the United Center, they had a very special ceremony, with the raising of the championship banner. It was the first time that we watched TV as a family! Kind of fun. With Dylan's fascination of things going up, down, open, and closed, he was enthralled, and requested to watch it again and again.

Autumn with Nana

Nana came up for a visit in October, and brought Dylan a surprise. It's a jack-o-lantern with his name carved in it! We all love it. Dylan requests that it be turned on, when he first wakes up in the morning. :)

The weekend after that, Nana took Dylan to Bengstson's Pumpkin Farm in Homer Glen. Dylan STILL talks about his visit. The "froggie ride" that goes "up and down" and the "choo-choo-train" especially. The day really must have made an impact on him! Thank you, Nana, for giving him such a special treat.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Surrounded But Alone

At least that's the way it looks. D woke up rough from his nap, and seemed to want some comforting. After cuddling awhile, I sat him on the couch, put on "his" music, and brought out the stuffed animals. He just sat there, looking like this. Not exactly the reaction I was going for.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bath Toy

Who DOESN'T take a bath with a large purple ball as big as you are?


Playing hopscotch at the local toy store.


We Totally Have It All Together

Little D

Our friend Kristin gave Dylan this shirt for his second birthday. Her nickname for him has always been "Little D." He finally fits into the shirt, so I had to snap a shot of it! (Thank you, Kristin!)

Later in the day, he did this to his shirt. Why in the world would you NOT watch a video like this?


 A toy ran out of batteries, so I told Dylan we needed to put new batteries in it. D was all over that - marching to the battery bin and bringing them back into the room. We needed a screwdriver to open the slot holding the batteries, and D surprised me by being veeery into helping.

Picking out the right size.

 Attempting to open it.

 Moving on to tightening the screws on his crib with Daddy.

Full access. No safety concerns here, right?

Baby Wyatt

One of Dylan's little buddies is Wyatt. A couple of shots from our recent times together.

Helping Bring in the Groceries

First time. He truly helped!

Sesame Street Parade

Every once in awhile, Dylan brings his Sesame Street pull-a-long toy for a walk down Lincoln Ave. The toy is pretty cute - Elmo clashes the cymbals, and Big Bird plays the drums. Needless to say, Dylan gets a few stares (and smiles) as we make our way through the Square.

Make A Wish

Dylan's newest thing is throwing coins in the fountain at the plaza. I wonder what he wishes for? Probably something along the lines of: cookies, a day at the splash pad, a Bob The Builder book, a Blues Clues DVD, a morning doing the escalators at Target, as much yogurt as he wants.....

Training Wheels!

Nana got a bike with training wheels at a garage sale! Papa and Nana put Dylan on it, but he doesn't quite get the pedaling thing yet. He still loves the bike, as he has a fascination with pedals.

Enjoying The View

Dylan came with me to a recent doctor's appointment. When he comes, he knows that he gets to ride the elevator, that mommy gets a bandaid, that he gets a snack, and that he'll see the skyscrapers out the window.

You've Got Mail

 A package came from Grandma for Dylan.

He was happy to receive it.

And this is what it was - an outfit from Gymboree. We love it! Thanks, Grandma!