Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gotta Fire Up The Laptop

Just getting a little work done with daddy.


Our teacher gift this year - "For Your Mistletoes." Budget friendly and easy. (Thanks, Pinterest.)

Friday, November 18, 2016

The. Blog. Is. Back.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Road to the Stanley Cup

Marc had a blast watching the Blackhawks battle their way to win the Stanley Cup. Probably the best day of his early summer was a round of golf with good buddies, followed by a Hawks game.


 His buddy BeanBag Bear got some hangtime.

 Just chillin' and reading Nemo at the doctor's office.

Elle, my "accessories" girl.

Mother's Day Visit

A second visit to D's classroom in May - for Mother's Day. Being with my little tinker on that day was one of the highlights of spring for me.

Dedicating Elliana

We had the great privilege of dedicating Elliana at Blanchard Alliance Church on Mother's Day - committing to raise her in a household that will proclaim Christ and follow His ways. 

 Sitting in the service with Papa and Nana...and puppy.

Our pastor Ron (and my boss!) :) dedicated the children, and our small group leaders Brian and Christy stood up with us.

Dad's Visit

Reading Dylan books before bedtime. (Dylan was his sleeping buddy on the trundle below.)

 Climbing trees on the Naperville River walk.

 Park time with Elle.

Dinner out at Brio.


At least there are a couple people in the world who like it when it rains. 

Open House

May at Henry Puffer School means lots of visits to Dylan's preschool, for various events. The school hosts an open house for all the parents to come and visit their kids' classrooms and see their projects and artwork from the year. It's always a special treat for Marc and I to see the classroom, because our typical conversation with Dylan throughout the schoolyear goes like this: "Dylan, what did you do in preschool today?" Dylan - "It's a long story." And that's about all we get. Until May, when we see it all with our own two eyes.

Dylan's classroom, and it's many, many, many, many, many "stations." His favorite? Magnatiles and the rice table. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Days Are Long, But The Years Are Short

They said it would happen. They ALL said it would happen. And now, quite officially, it has. Dylan has “grown up so quickly.”

To be sure, when you’re in the middle of the  ________________[insert whatever you’d like here: 4-hours-of-sleep-nights / tantrum two’s / potty training woes / hitting and pushing stage]– the days are LONG. And to be honest, just a little part of you wants to punch the veteran mom who’s telling you to savor every minute because “THEY GROW UP SO FAST.” Savor every minute of feeling drop dead tired? Savor every minute of feeling frustrated to the point of tears? Savor every minute of excusing yourself from yet another social event due to a potty accident? The recommendation is a hard pill to swallow.

And yet, sure enough, you realize that the latter part is true. They do grow up so quickly.  It starts with the realization that baby no longer fits into the newborn size of diaper. It’s quickly followed by packing away the 0-3 month clothes, and while doing so, you catch yourself holding up one of the outfits before packing it in the bin and saying, “I can’t believe he’s already outgrown this!” Then come all the firsts – first smile, first giggle, first time rolling over….This is all followed by the “big ones” – first words, first time walking, first day of preschool….

And then, amidst all the rounds of the alphabet song and tickle sessions and reminders to wash hands after the potty and “I’m gonna give you to the count of three” threats, you arrive at the last day of preschool.  And you look at that precious face, and you try to make out the “baby” in it – “It’s still there, right? Isn’t it still there? I can still see it.” And you remember  - yes, vividly – the sweet moments of talking to your baby on the changing table; the first time he counted to ten; the way he so easily bounced on your knee in music class; and how he bravely waltzed into the school on the very first day – bearing a backpack bigger than him.

And you sit in the preschool room watching him sing “R-E-D Red” song and fight back tears, because this is only a preschool graduation, you know. He’s not leaving the house! Don’t be one of those emotional mom-types.

And you smile through the water that is starting to well up and spill down your cheek. Because this is a happy occasion and you don’t want to confuse your little guy whose happy, twinkling eyes have been glued on you since the moment you arrived to the classroom.

But secretly, you want to go into a corner and just let it all out. That teeny little bundle that nestled so snuggly into your arms is suddenly in front of you in size 5 clothing, with diploma in hand, reciting the pledge of allegiance. And yes, I said “suddenly.”

My husband and I attended a parenting conference a few years back in which a speaker shared the phrase, “The days are long, but the years are short.”

I don’t know how this can be, but I certainly find it to be true. Most of my friends can attest to the fact that, in the raising of Dylan, I have had many long days. But even more so, I have had many joyful days, where my heart is so proud of him that it could just burst. And I guess it was the mix of the two that spurred on those tears on May 31, 2013.

And just when I was reflecting, with a thankful heart, that the hard stuff with him is mostly behind us, Dylan said to us at the dinner table,

“Hey, wanna sit here and listen to me count to 100?”

Indeed, the DAYS ARE LONG….. :)

….but the years are short.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Make A Wish

Throwing coins in fountains at Yorktown Mall (pavers supplied by Daddy!). Hmm - what could they be wishing for? Dylan - a visit to DuPage Children's Museum, that cool Lego toy from Target, time with Grandma or Nana, a new garage door on our house (yes, really). Elle - stickers, meeting Elmo in the flesh, a puppy.

Hello, Sunshine

Hello, Sunshine - that's really what Elle's shirt says. :)

Christmas in April

Elle finally got her Christmas present. :) Shipped last November, we saved it for outdoor use, and put it together on one of our first warm weather days. She loves it. Favorite activity? Climbing through the back window.

Start Playing Your Violins (And Then Put Them Away)

Are you near your Kleenex box? Every year, Dylan's preschool goes to Tivoli Bowl -  the very cool,  oldschool bowling alley in downtown Downers Grove. Dylan had the best time last year bowling with his class, talked about it all year, and then waited with much anticipation for the promised next outing. The day finally arrived......and he woke up with pink eye. After the official diagnosis from the doc, the conversation with Dylan that followed went down pretty much like you'd probably predict. Not...well. It broke our hearts to keep him home on the very day he'd been anticipating for such a long time. So, of course, we assured him that we ourselves would take him there as soon as he got better. And that we did.

If you look closely, you'll actually see a family there (mine) standing under the sign. (I am totally getting recruited for my photography skills.)

Dylan, in all his glorious preschool form. Side note - bowling was one thing that Marc and I had never done together. Until now!


This picture absolutely represents the spring we've experienced. The proof is evident that it's spring: our daffodils figured out, somehow, that it was indeed time to make their annual appearance. And yet it remained winter coat weather for the better part of April!

In Like A Lion....

Spring came in like a lion, all right. Chicagoland was pounded with rains last month, causing major flooding in areas, including Downers Grove. This picture is of the Belmont underpass, just blocks south of us. (1 block from Dylan's school!) Nobody was harmed, but of course the cars were gonners. Our house (basement) did get hit, as did many others. :(

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Which One Is It?

This photo from last month just cracks me up. And I'm not sure exactly why. Is it Dylan, who just fell? (I admit, I do have a "fall" sense of humor.) Or baby Elle, just hanging, staring at him? Or the fact that they are both big poofballs in their snow pants? Or the fact that this "scene" just seems to be happening on its own - Elle, hanging there, helpless, staring, and Dylan, on the ground, wiping out, staring back...and seemingly nobody to help. Or maybe the fact that this playground scene should really be happening in the summer, not when there's 6 inches of snow on the ground. Or, I dunno, maybe the gigantic red ball to the left adds something? I don't know, but something about this photo just cracks me up. 

Getting Back In The Game

Well, good golly -where do I begin? I noticed my last post was from August 2012. It's no wonder I haven't posted anything since.  In September of 2012 I started working part-time. One would think 11 hours/week wouldn't affect home life too much, but, honestly, it does. It has been a balancing act, and very much a learning curve as I discern how to cram in all the things I normally would have taken care of at home with those 11 hours. In the process, a few things have been lost, such as getting ready for the day without simultaneously bathing the kids, meal planning, staying in close touch with people (sorry, um, like, everyone)....and blogging.

But I do miss it. I think of articles I'd love to write, pictures I'd love to post - on a daily basis. Finally, I decided - I'm just going to get back in the game. But without feeling the need to update ya'll on the last 8 months that I failed to "post." I will just resume my blog, as if nothing was ever missed. Ok? Ok.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Simple Pleasures

One thing I love about kids is how little it takes to keep them entertained at times. These days, a ride on Dylan's "new" (ahem, Craig's List) Toy Story bike with training wheels is what keeps him happiest. And Elle is a big fan of the wagon, so we take many-a-stroll around our neighborhood.

 Elle loves her wagon rides!

Off they go!

Zoo Week

Papa and Nana took Dylan to the Brookfield Zoo for his first time ever!

Then mamma went the cheap route, and took the kids to Cosley Zoo in Wheaton.  :) (Perfect for the preschool age, for all you local mammas!)

I feel like there's probably some good caption for this picture.


A few pictures from Touch-A-Truck event in July....


The Crawling Ceremony

Elle started crawling in June while we were in South Dakota. (My mom got to see her do it for the very first time!) So when we returned to D. Grove and saw Marc's parents that first week, we immediately took them downstairs to have Elle "perform." :)

She headed right for the tunnel tent.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

South Dakota Trip

A few pics from our trip to South Dakota, to celebrate my brother's 40th...

My immediate family, at Ryan's party.  :)

My sister Nicole and her son Nathan at the zoo.

It doesn't get any better than a 9 month old's bod jammed into a pink tu-tu swimsuit!

D was sooo excited to bring his rolling suitcase into the hotel the first night.

We spent the first night camping. D is "helping" Grandpa with the campfire.

Contemplating. (A 4-year old has a lot to think about, you know.)

6 a.m. walk to the park in our PJ's. We had to get out of the camper asap to let the rest of the fam sleep.

 Grandma with 3 of her youngest grandkids.

 My fabulous nieces and nephews.

 A little Grandpa time.

 Flying high at the zoo, with Daddy.

Sporting her new Janie and Jack headband.

With Great Grandpa and Grandma - how special is that?!