Monday, February 28, 2011

Store Scenes

At our local toy store. I looked away for 10 seconds, and turned back around to see that Dylan had climbed into an empty white tub, and then camped out spinning the puzzle rack around and around.

He loves to watch the "escalator" that the shopping carts come down, at Target.

Land Surveyor

Towards the end of the day of the blizzard, Marc and Dylan went out to check out the snow scenes. Dylan looked as though he wast truly surveying the land.....


Chicago had a huge blizzard in early January, closing much of the city down for a couple of days!


Some scenes from our recent "equestrian" night. Dylan chose quite the interesting positions as he rode his horse.....

South Dakota Trip

Dylan and I had a fun trip home to South Dakota in January! We spent lots of time with Grandpa, Grandma, cousins and friends.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Up Close and Personal

We visited my friend Brooke's sweet baby girl Eleanor last month, and Dylan invited himself right into her little world.

Nutcracker Dudes

We were on our way to the car one night, and Dylan drifted off (well, trespassed) into somebody's yard, intrigued by their Christmas lawn display. I think he liked it because the little nutcracker men were just his size!

Muffin Man

Dylan "helped" me bake one day. His assistance mostly involved doing what you see in the above picture, dumping clumps of flour on the floor. I was so eager for anything to distract him while I baked, that I let him go to town.

If you look closely, you can see the flour on his cheek and shirt. :)

It's Hard Work, But Somebody's Gotta Do It

Dylan pushed his Trader Joe's shopping cart through the rain one day, all the way to the car. What a tough little guy.

Toy Store - Er - Land of Nod

We ran an errand to Land of Nod, and Dylan had a hay-day in the store, checking everything out.

At The Car Wash, Yeah

D enjoyed our trip to the car wash last month, and keeps requesting to go back.

New Playland

We checked out the newly remodeled McDonalds Playland on Ashland Ave. last month.

Dylan didn't seem to miss the tunnels and slide that used to be there, and enjoyed climbing onto and into all the new play equipment.


Just a Little Nibble

Jumping Night

We had a fun family night one winter weekend - setting up the hide-a-bed mattress on the ground for a "jumping night," followed by pizza and a movie. Fun was had by all.