Monday, March 29, 2010

And We Are Moving To......

Lockport, Illinois! But first, Lincoln Square in Chicago.

We decided to build in Lockport, and along with that decision came one to rent in the city while our house is being built. Moving day is tomorrow! We are excited for one more summer in Chicago, and a chance to be with our friends for a few months longer.

Lincoln Square neighborhood.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patty's Day

My Moms Group did nails at Mather Nursing Home in Evanston on St. Patrick's Day.

There was a lot of green to be seen, including one woman's nails!


At long last, our condo sold, and we are packing up and heading to......we-don't-know-where. :)

Nana came last weekend to pick Dylan up for the weekend, so that Marc and I could have a power-packing party. She came bearing boxes and bubble wrap, which looked like pure gold to our eyes.

The scene after Day Numero Uno of packing.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mickey D's

D scaled the play gym at McDonald's Playland last week.


Last Friday we had a playdate with cousins. Above is my cousin Tammy with her 2 youngest boys, Carter and Colin.

Dylan got in on a little ping pong action with Tonya and Carter.

Spring Fever

We've enjoyed the park a few times this last week, with the weather warming up!

Bookbugs Storytime & Playgroup

We go to "Bookbugs Storytime & Playgroup" on Tuesdays. It's in a church basement at Belmont and Lincoln, and it's free! Hard to find those opportunities in the city!

Of the hour that's spent there, Dylan spends 2 minutes playing with the toys, 56 minutes on the stairs, and the remaining 2 minutes trying to get past the gate in the picture, where the tiny babies play. This is absolutely not an exaggeration.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little Deadhead

Dylan sported his Jerry Garcia shirt for his dad's Grateful Dead concert tonight.

Olympic Hopeful

Dylan watched the US-Canada Olympic hockey championship game on Sunday with his daddy. He sported his personalized Blackhawks jersey in honor of the event.

Jesus and Nemo

Marc has been working with Dylan on saying "Jesus," pointing out that He is Dylan's friend. One day as D was eating and going through his repertoire of words, like he normally does, he suddenly said, "Jesus." Then followed, "Nemo" (as in the cartoon movie character).

I thought it was random at first, but the more I thought about it - the Bible sure does have a lot of stories about both Jesus and fish. Maybe Dylan's just ahead of the game....

Looking at a picture of Jesus in his baby Bible. (Isn't Jesus cute?) "Jesus" is now one of D's favorite words. :)

To be fair, here is a picture of Nemo.