Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dylan's First Big Screen Movie

We took Dylan to see his first ever movie on the big screen last weekend. It was a hoot. First off - he took his popcorn VERY seriously, stuffing his little hand into the big bucket before I could even finish paying at checkout. Then, when we arrived to our seats and he sat down, the chair folded right up on him, because he's so light. We helped pin down the chair, he settled in, spread his legs and put the big bucket of popcorn between them. He then started shoveling the popcorn into his mouth - using not one, but two hands, alternating, so that he could get it into his mouth faster. 

He was by far the most vocal audience member, giving commentary throughout, and singing on one occasion. (Nothing too obnoxious, and the theater was full of other parent-kid combos like us, so we were not "those" people.)

He lasted 3/4 of the way through - longer than both Marc and I thought he would. So we all left happy campers.  

 We saw the movie Rio. (Very good, by the way.)

 Marc and D, on the way to the theater.

 There he goes!