Friday, January 21, 2011

Animal Kingdom

Marc, Dylan and I went to Animal Kingdom our third day there.

Our first stop was Animal Kingdom's version of the Dumbo ride, with rhinoceroses that went up and down in the air. D was quite the big boy, and was not fearful at all.

 Excitedly running to Daddy after the ride.

It's a little hard to believe that my son was just inches away from a tiger, with only a sheet of plexi-glass separating the two!

 There was a big bongo drum area for the kids to play. Dylan loved this section.

D made a fast friend with this gentleman, dancing for him and even playing his "xylephone."

 Outside the dinosaur graveyard park.

 Scaling a huge net up one story.

 Digging for dinosaur bones.

 Going down the huge tunnel slide.

 And then peaking to see if Daddy was making it through ok.

 This park-within-the-park was massive!

 A family shot in front of the luscious greenery that was everywhere!

Crossing the bridge to another "continent."

More gorgeous greenery.