Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You'll Always Be My Baby

As we mark Dylan's 2nd birthday, my heart is filled with gratitude to God - for His protection over and sustaining of D's little life, and for the unspeakable joy and laughter he brings us daily, hourly.

For some reason, my heart just needed to express what it was experiencing as we headed into Dylan's birthday weekend. Here is a poem that I wrote:

My little boy turns two today
Time does pass quickly, as they say……

How keen the memories of those early month swaddles
The countless diaper changes, and the well-timed bottles

Soon the “firsts” began – we remember that first grin
And the first time he had solids – cereal covered his whole chin

First trips, first stroller rides, first time sitting up
First cold, first tooth, first haircut, and his first sippy cup

“Crawl? Nah – I’ll take a pass, scooting is more fun.
My style’s kind of special – seems to interest everyone.”

He scooted and he scooted, but when would those first steps come?
The doctor and the books said “walking just comes late for some.”

Finally, at 17 months, one step turned into two
His expression was so priceless, saying “look what I can do!”

From there he just took off; the park became his stomping grounds
I stood by as “D” tried everything – the most daring kid around!

We watched as his independent side began to grow and grow
His “fireball” personality began to really show

He’s now our little man – he expresses what he wants
He tests us and amuses us with his little stunts

Last month he started counting, knows his colors and his shapes
I’m proud, and at the very same time, my heart cries out, “No, wait!”

You’re supposed to be my “baby”, and now you’re turning two?!
I cannot seem to rewind time, oh what’s a mom to do?

Now my own mom’s words make much more sense, for she would often say:
“You’ll always be my baby.” And that’s helping me today.

Dylan, you may keep growing up & up, but my hope is that just maybe
You’ll somehow understand that you will always be my baby.