Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birthday Blues

Somebody really could write a blues song about the tale I'm about to tell. The night before Dylan's birthday party, he came down sick with the flu. :( He/we were up all night, as the poor guy just couldn't keep anything down. We went through 5 wardrobe and bedding changes before his stomach settled down a bit. It broke our hearts to see how sick and weak he was on what was supposed to be "party day." Of course we had to cancel everything.

Here are shots from the exitement the night before, and the downhill spiral....

He was so excited to see his birthday balloons!

It was going to be a birthday/Super Bowl party.

"The Day After." We thought opening up a toy might encourage him.

He got his first set of golf clubs.

We ended up watching a bit of the game while folding all the laundry from the events of the last 24 hours. Not exactly what we had planned on, but that's parenthood. :) We are just thankful that he rebounded quickly and is back to his normal self. We were reminded not to take for granted his overall good health, and that we have much to praise God for.