Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey Day

Marc and his mom preparing for the big meal!

The Domicos: Marc's cousin Donn, his wife Meg, and their 4 kids - taking their photo for their Christmas card. We tried to do the same. Let's just say - it didn't go so well for one member of our family. (Who could that be?)

Dylan and cousin Noah.

Gavyn just loved Dylan and couldn't get enough of him.



Before the meal, Meg put Morgan in the highchair to feed her. It's the same highchair that Dylan uses, when he eats at Nana's. We learned that he's a bit "territorial." Even though his high chair from home was at the table, he really thought that another baby should not be in "his" chair. Below is the "stare down" soon to be followed by the loud crying soon to be followed by Meg moving Morgan from the high chair so Dylan could sit there.