Thursday, June 18, 2009


I realized that I didn't post something major, in regard to our "Days With Dylan." We put our place on the market a month ago! Anybody know someone looking for a "2 BR/1 BA newly renovated vintage condo in Edgewater Beach where you can walk to grocery, lattes, Redline, and Andersonville"? :) Our eventual plan is to buy a home in the southwest or western suburbs.

Our place has only had 3 showings in a month, so Dylan decided to make this buying-a-house thing happen on his own by getting one himself. His "house" has a big blue door, an extra large lightswitch, flowers with petals you can spin, a puppy that barks, and windows with shutters you can open and close - Probably what a house really would be like, if babies could design them themselves.