Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cousin Troy's Wedding

I flew to South Dakota with Dylan last week for my cousin Troy's wedding. Troy Boy, as I call him, is more like a brother than a cousin, so this wedding was a special one. I got to see soooo many friends, family and classmates at the wedding too.

Troy and his beautiful wife Rachael.


We of course got to spend time with my immediate family over the weekend too. It was a fabulous trip.....


All 4 of my nephews play on the same baseball team, and they showed up after their game on Wednesday night.

Dylan immediately got "broken in."

Dylan and my brother - "Coach Ryan."



Dylan got lots of attention - and treats - from his grandma.

Ice cream face. (Lookin' good, eh? He has no idea his pants don't match, they're hiked up to his neck, and he has food on his face.)



Playing with Grandpa.

Trace, Kalli and Tyce making Dylan giggle.

D and I with Mom and Ryan.



Dylan could not get enough of the outdoors while we were there!

Grandma spent many-a-morning walking with Dylan everywhere.

D would often scoot out onto the edge of the deck and just look out at the yard.