Friday, July 8, 2011

Moving Week/Grandma's Visit

It's hard to believe it's already been over a month since we've moved. We are LOVING Downers Grove! And are happy to report that we are nearing the end of our unpacking. (A certain little visitor due to arrive on September 27 has been a tremendous motivator!) We were so thankful to have my mom come out the week after we moved, to help with Dylan. And of course Papa and Nana have had their share of Dylan overnights. What would we do without grandparents?!

Dylan spent moving weekend with Papa and Nana. This picture is of him walking through the door of his new home, for the very first time.

Dylan - in heaven - with both Grandma AND Nana, in his new backyard.

 Watching Snow White with Grandma.

 Spectating as Daddy mows the lawn for the first time.

 Out front with Grandma.

 Plenty of boxes to play in!

 At Washington Park in Downers Grove with my mom.

 The big field at Washington Park.

 Oak Brook Shopping Center.

Roaming the aisles at Toys R Us. (Notice what he is placing on the shelf, so that he can check out the car more fully - a watering can.)

Our rental truck from Move #2. We hired movers for the move from our apartment, but we had about just as much stuff stored in Russ and Sharryn's basement that called for a second move, 5 days later!

This was Baby Girl's one and only box of belongings. :)