Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dylan Turns Three!!

Our little tinker turned three last month! We celebrated with a party at the newly renovated McDonalds Playland on Ashland.

 Checking out the singing "Happy Birthday" bear from Nana.

 The birthday boy, loving his birthday party.

Scaling the bridge in the playland.

One of his new best friends - Mia.

We were surprised when he allowed us to put a birthday hat on him, but he kept it on during the entire dinner!

Family shot.

D seems to be really enjoying his guests. :)

Playing with cousin Connor.

Action shot - he loved jumping off the big red shoe.

And then at the end of the night, he helped clean up by carrying out his balloons!

Dylan LOVED having Happy Birthday sung to him, and requested for everyone to sing it again, when the song was all over. So we did!