Wednesday, December 15, 2010

About This Blog

It has been impressed upon my heart lately that we are to be stewards of our time. God has so much to say about the concept of "time" in the Bible, and that it is something that He entrusts to us. Do I use my time well? In some cases, yes. In some cases, no. 

I've been thinking about this blog - is it a wise use of time? Honestly, I am prayerful about that question. I do believe that God highly esteems our roles in the family, and our relationships in life. For that reason, I love keeping the blog updated - to keep loved ones connected. I also have a creative side to me that, since leaving the workplace, has gotten surpressed. This blog allows me to have a creative outlet - a hobby.

But I do believe that God is calling me to do something more/different, if I continue on with "Days With Dylan." He impresses upon my heart soooo many things I'd like to share about my journey as a Christian, a wife, a mom, a friend, a Chicagoan. And so, as time allows, you will hopefully begin to see a bit of a change in this blog's contents. I will still update it with our daily goings-on, but I plan to also throw in there a few more of my writings. The first of which, will follow this blog post.

I hope to simply make it worth your time, if you so choose to follow "Days With Dylan."

Blessings to you this Christmas season!