Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shopping Cart Drama

For the second time, I let Dylan have his own shopping cart at Trader Joe's. 10 minutes into the trip, as I was staring at the turkey trying to figure out the difference between "roasted" and "smoked," I heard a big crash. Dylan had tipped over the (very full, at this point) cart. He came running over and hid in my legs. Thankfully, the folks at TJ's are very kind and helpful and helped fill the cart back up. 5 minutes after that, Dylan decided he'd had enough of this whole shopping cart gig, and he simply abandoned the (even fuller, at this point) cart and just started booking it down the frozen foods aisle. I suddenly found myself carrying my shopping basket, steering his little cart, with my purse hoisted over my shoulder, chasing after my 2 yr. old. That was a fun moment.

Dylan bounced back, though, and proudly rolled his cart into the checkout area, proudly displaying his grocery selections.