Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Marc Caifano, Reality TV Star

Marc is going to be on reality TV! Bill Rancic (first winner of The Apprentice) and his wife Giuliana (host of E! News) have a reality show about their life together. It's called "Giuliana and Bill" and is basically about their (very interesting) life together. She is a hoot! Anyway, they are moving to Hinsdale and landscaping their yard, and asked Town and Country to supply the pavers. Marc taped 3 sessions with Bill. It turns out Bill's father was Marc's school superintendent growing up. And Marc's coworker who's also helping out with the project, knows Bill because their fathers were good friends. Small world....

 Bill and Giuliana.

Marc snapped a picture during a taping. Bill is the one with his arm up talking to the crew. The backdrop is a truck that Marc "ordered" to pull onto the job site to give Town and Country more exposure. :)