Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ortman Christmas

The Ortman side of the family celebrated on Christmas Day. Mom and Dad came over for brunch, and later we went to my aunt Kathy and Uncle Dave's house for dinner with their family. Kathy is my Dad's sister.

Dylan wore a special jacket during Christmas week. His Grandpa Tom wore it when he was a little boy!

Dylan's great-grandma purchased the jacket at Marshall Fields on State Street when she and Grandpa lived out here while he went to chiropractic school. Isn't that amazing?!

Me opening my new boots!

At aunt Kathy's. Dylan and Grandma are greeting cousin Colin.

My cousin Tonya, her husband Christian, and 3 kids that don't belong to them. :) (They're her sister Tammy's cute boys.)

Dylan roped Grandpa into a game of "chase" the day after Christmas.