Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

Friday was an interesting day. We're switching realtors, so had a photo shoot scheduled for smack in the middle of the morning, which meant we couldn't go too far before or after the photo session. D needed to get out of the house though, and it was raining, so we remembered an idea my friend Traci shared - taking the kids to Target and letting them play in the toy aisle. It was the perfect 45 minute outing. Then afterwards I took D out to lunch, and for the first time he got to wear the cute raincoat he'd gotten for his 1st birthday from his cousins. :)

D in the toy aisle, playing with the Elmo microwave.

Then he decided to lay down.

Out to lunch in his rain coat, playing with his car.

Can you hear the "brmmmm" noise coming from his mouth?